4. Layouts

ConvergeUI uses HAML to define a set of layouts that, when combined with their styling counterparts, provide components common to web applications. The layouts are designed to provide a particular look and feel when combined with the appropriate styling; however, since the layouts and styling are seperate, a need look can be applied while maintaing the overall structure. The layouts are designed to be have configurable content via the use of content_for blocks. Example:


%body{:id => section_id}
  = yield :body
  = yield :javascripts_block
  = yield :extra


= content_for(:body) do
    = render :partial => "layouts/converge-ui/header_layout"
        = yield :content
    = yield :footer

4.1. Component Layouts

4.1.2. Foooter

The footer layout provides a small ribbon that is “sticky” to the bottom of the page as content grows vertically. Place is provided for copyright, footer links, logo and versioning information.

4.2. Composite Layouts

4.2.1. Shell

The shell layout combines the header, footer and adds a centered application area for all application content.

4.2.2. User Session

The user sessoin layout provides a centered modal-like container for user session interactions combined with the footer layout.

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