Welcome to ConvergeUI Example’s documentation!

This is a simple rails application that is used to show off how to not only incorporate converge-ui but as a simple test bed for viewing styles and layouts. This repository can be used for demo purposes or with some tweaks to the git configuration, as a development environment for converge-ui. A demo of the site running on Openshift can be seen here:


Getting Started

When cloning converge-ui-example, the simplest method is to use the –recursive flag:

git clone --recursive  http://github.com/Katello/converge-ui-example.git

If you have already cloned the repository without the –recursive flag, running the following to take care of submodule setup:

git submodule init
git submodule update


git submodule update --init

Developing Converge-UI

To develop converge-ui while using this example app, the git config inside the submodule needs to be updated to point to your fork of converge-ui. Then the master branch needs to be checked out since standard project cloning puts you on ‘no branch’ pointing to the latest commit. Change directories to vendor/converge-ui and edit the .git/config file to point to your fork of converge-ui.

Command Line:

git remote add <github_username> git@github.com:<github_username>/converge-ui.git

Or Add Directly:

[remote "ehelms"]
        url = git@github.com:<github_username>/converge-ui.git
        fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/<github_username>/*

In order to commit back your changes (not the lack of a trailing slash on line 4):

cd vendor/converge-ui
git commit -a
git push <github_username> master
cd ../../
git add vendor/converge-ui
git commit -a
git push <github_username> master

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